the lens Collections

It is often easy to think of the spectacle lens as being the science portion in the marriage between science and art that comes together in a pair of eyeglasses.  In the world of Ocean Optometry, however, we feel that this is far too simplistic a view.  It is undeniable that there is a lot of very clever maths, physics, technology and science within the design any spectacle lens, especially in the modern generation of lenses and coatings.  What can not be overlooked, however, is the artistry in choosing the correct spectacle lens for any individual wearer.  If you get this wrong it doesn't matter how advanced the lens is, it is still the wrong lens for that individual.

This powerful concept has driven us when deciding upon which lenses to principally work with.  We did not want to simply offer a "good, better, best" scenario as all of the "management gurus" seem to recommend.  Without a doubt, part the joy of being an independent optometry office is the joy of being able to think for yourself.  We have therefore considered all of the lens range offerings from many companies and have decided to create a collection which we think is without compromise.  This will allow us to make a commitment to individually recommend what we feel is the best lenses for your needs, rather than just trying to sell you the most expensive lenses we can.  Just please don't tell the "gurus"!

Our premium lens range is produced by Nikon Optical.  A company steeped in history with world firsts in lens technology and design.  Nikon lenses can be chosen with the confidence in a product designed to give optimal enhancement to your vision.

Our generic lens range has been carefully selected to offer a quality selection of every day lenses to satisfy many visual needs.  The generic lenses are made to precise standards and undergo strict quality control checks.

To find out more about the Nikon lenses, please check out their website: