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With a unique opportunity presented to us of starting a brand new independent office from scratch, we thought very carefully about what eyewear collections we would like to feature.

There is already a lot of choice available for spectacle fashonistas to select their eyewear from, so how do you create something new, exciting, special and unique?

You can only do this with time, effort, knowledge and passion.

RockOptika FramesExperience

With our years of experience to draw on, we knew that it would take more than simply waiting for frame company reps to call on us, we had to go out and find the ranges that we would stock.  We had to go find these companies and meet with their designers.

It's a hard life, but to really be an eye geek, this is what you have to do.  We do it and we love it!  The fact that we may have to visit New York, London, Paris and Milan as part of the process is really just a side factor!  The only way to truly be knowledgeable about a frame range and to understand its ethos and philosophy is to sit down with the creators, to talk and to listen, to ask questions and, perhaps most importantly, to feel excited about the selection.

We have done this and we will continue to do this.  If a range doesn't feel right, no matter what the reason, we will not carryBeautiful display of Rolf Spectacles it.  We want every single collection to bring something different and special to our complete ranges.

Whatever your heart's desire

If you are looking for a technical piece, with unique engineering, we will have it.  Perhaps you desire an outrageous pair of glasses to create a WOW first impression, we will have it.  Elegant and classic or even bespoke and tailored like a fine suit, you know that Ocean will have it.

While we can give you information about the ranges we have chosen on this website, to really experience these ranges and to see if you to fall in love with them you really must pay us a visit.

Come in and speak to Mike and Alicia, Euan and John and you too can share our passion and find out about our ranges and why we chose them.  You are sure that with our expert help, chosing your next eyewear will be an enjoyable experience.

The best kept secret of them all?  We chose all of these frames just for you.