Ouch - is it going to hurt?

We take our eyesight so much for granted and yet we are so, so reliant on it!

Doctors John Wilson and Euan McGinty are proud to be optometrists, with a caring approach to assessing perhaps the most precious and exquisitively sensitive sense and organ the body has.

During your appointment here at Ocean,  we will ensure that you are informed about the many different assessments that we do, we will explain each step of the process and why we are doing it; we will discuss all of our findings and you will never be hurried.  Your appointment time is dedicated to you and you have our full attention.

More than a means to an end

At times we can think that the eye examination is simply a means to an end - we may need a new prescription for our eyeglasses or contact lenses, or a form completed as part of a job application.  In and out, a quick "one or two", "better or worse" and a myriad of lenses flicked in front of your eyes, it all seems a bit random ... well that is exactly what an eye examination should not be!  For example, the eyes are the only part of the body in which we can see the blood vessels without cutting the body open - we are privileged to be able to assess them.

At Ocean Optometry we love the fact that your eyes are unique, that you are the only person with your eyes!  We will tailor our eye examination to your needs.  At the end of your initial eye examination our recommendations will be unique to your own needs, vision, eye health and visual requirements.  This may result in a recommendation of following up in one of our additional management clinics.  The management clinics provide a focussed time where our office is catering for a specific condition, for example dry eye assessment/management or glaucoma risk assessment.  If this is a concern for you, then please feel free to discuss any of these options with any of our staff.

A family affair

As John and Euan are both parents, we are also very happy to see children of any age for an eye examintion.  We would recommend that every child should have their initial eye examination by about age two at the latest, however, if you have a particular concern then we are more than happy to see all children.  It is great fun examining children's eyes, we play some games, have some fun times and without even realising it, we've done a comprehensive assessment!

Acute eye condition management

Many acute conditions are best managed in an optometry condition and within Nova Scotia we are proud to be able offer an acute eye condition service which can be covered by provincial healthcare.  Perhaps you have woken up with a red, sticky eye or perhaps you are seeing new flashes and floaters.  Whatever your concern is, the best thing is to contact our office and we will be able to give the best advice as to how we should manage your condition.

Whatever your need, please call our office on (902) 446-4470 or use our contact form to get in touch.  You can also talk directly to us through this website, allowing you to ask any questions or schedule  your appointment.  If we're not available, leave us a message and we'll get right back to you.