Contact Lenses


Contact lenses are a great option for correcting your vision, bringing clear vision and removing the need to wear glasses.  Once an exclusive product for a select number of people with a prescription which would work for contact lenses, modern technology and manufacturing has made contact lens wear and every day option for almost everyone.


Active lifestyle choice

Contact lenses are great for fitting in to our every day lifestyle and allow a much more natural sense of vision for many people, which can be especially important for things like sports wear, social occasions and even every day situations as they don't fog up or get rained on like eyeglasses.

Just the same as with your eyeglasses, good contact lens use requires proper assessment, fitting and you need to look after them and handle them properly.  The great news is that here at Ocean Optometry we love doing this!

As an independent optometry office we can choose from any available company to supply our lenses and have a great selection of lenses to suit your wearing schedule, lifestyle, budget and prescription.

For those looking for monthly or bi-weekly lenses, a great place to start is often Cooper Vision's Biofinity lens or Acuvue's Oasys lens:

 Monthly Contact Lenses


Daily lenses - the best option

More and more patients are also discovering the benefits of single use daily lenses.  Research has shown that daily lenses are the safest form of contact lens wear possible, with the fewest adverse reactions.  Many patients also appreciate the feeling of a fresh pair of lenses every day and the hassle free convenience of disposing of the used contact lenses at the end of each day.

With a great range of lenses to choose from, including 1-Day Acuvue Moist, 1-Day Trueye and Proclear 1 day you can be sure that we will have the best contact lenses for your needs.  If you need bifocal, multifocal contact lenses or contact lenses for astigmatism, daily lenses have also got you covered as well.  With such a strong safety record the choice of lenses available in daily format is always increasing.

Daily Contact Lenses


To find out more, schedule a fitting or for patients to re-order their lenses please call (902) 446-4470 or use our contact form.