Rolf is unquestionably the world leading manufacturer of natural material frames, with eyewear created using wood, buffalo horn and stone.  With a dedication to quality and innovation, this Austrian firm's craftmanship and expertise leads to a perfect eyewear product balancing looks, durability and comfort.


about ROLF

A small, family-run business situated in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, ROLF Spectacles produces hand-made, lightweight wooden, buffalo horn and woodstone eyeglass frames. One of ROLF Spectacles company goals is to set new trends in design and to realize new ideas.

ROLF's research and development team has created an innovative hinge for its eyewear made of wood and a specialized ROLF lens-glazing system. The ROLF wooden eyewear is produced completely without any metal parts or screws, and it is very easy-care thanks to its special surface treatment. Each ROLF frame is produced by hand.


It takes 78 steps to go from start to finish when creating each frame. Crafting a pair of ROLF glasses requires several hours of work and a high degree of craftsmanship.

The glasses are unique in terms of the materials used and the production techniques implemented. Much of the machinery and instruments used for the production of the frames has been built or retrofitted specifically for ROLF. When ROLF first started making frames they used moped brakes, old actuators and other items as part of their machinery.




In order to be able to bend the first parts into shape, the first pieces of wood was pressed from a living room table with the mechanical milker from a neigboor, who had retired from farming. The press is still in use. Even the stone frames had their start this way.  Nowadays, precise machines are used until the point where the frames are passed on to highly sensitive additional processing that is done by hand.  ROLF not only produces and designs eyewear  frames, but also the sample cases, photos and the trade show booth are conceived and produced by the team.