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Our fees are as follows:

  • Comprehensive Eye Examination - which includes digital retinal photograph - $125.00
  • MSI Eye Examination - See eligibility details below* - recommended to have digital retinal photographs - $25.00 

Additional appointment fees (not bookable online)

  • Contact lens aftercare - $47.50
  • Contact lens refit - $47.50
  • Contact lens fit, new wearer - $95.00
  • OSD Initial Assessment - $120.00 (may receive MSI co-pay)
  • OSD Ongoing Care - $80.00 (may receive MSI co-pay)

 * MSI/Nova Scotia Healthcare eligibility:

  • generally every two years for those under 10 years old or 65 years old and over,
  • certain patients may be eligible for medically necessary annual eye examinations
  • if you schedule an appointment and the fees are not covered by MSI, standard comprehensive examination charges will apply
  • if you are unsure about eligibility, please call (902) 446-4470 or chat live with us online.